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Interior, Save-A-Lot Store

This is a photo of the Save-A-Lot store in 1990, before we started construction & renovation.

Near the center of the photo is the multi-ton air conditioner which comfortably cooled the 9000 sq. foot grocery store. The A/C compressor sat atop the roof.

Unable to use this non-ducted air conditioner in our new home, the search was on to find a new home for it. We had offers to purchase this unit, but it was our intent from the start to "donate" it - free of charge - much like we donated the electric doors to Dugals Big Star Grocery.

It so happened that St. Joseph's Catholic Church in town undertook the project to air condition their gym about the same time of our renovation.

We donated the multi-ton unit; compressor & fittings (worth several thousand dollars) to St. Joseph's Church & School to help them defray expenses in their building project. This was a win-win situation for both of us !

Likewise, dozens & dozens of grocery store light fixtures were donated, free-of-charge & found dozens of new "homes."

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