Making History...

There have been 2 funeral firms in Farmington for over 130 years each. We weren't the 1st firm - but we've been credited by townspeople for bringing TWO new funeral facilities to Farmington, in the 1990's. We took the lead in 1990, building a modern facility, incorporating the latest advancements in every aspect. Occasionally, a crowd is present for a funeral service that even our large chapels cannot hold. Via our pre-wired computer & video feeds, we can "pipe" video & audio to any room in our building.

The year 2012 will mark 30 years now that we've been the only Farmington firm in which an owner is a graduate of a Mortuary College; a Licensed Embalmer & National Board Certified. This profession has always been just that to us...... a PROFESSION ! ... It has never been treated as a sideline -nor- part time job for us.

Several  "FIRSTS"  that we're proud to have introduced to our area include, but are not limited to: 

* for years now - opening chapels @ 6:30 am for visitation to benefit "early birds"
* having a modern, renovated facility, comfortably seating 350
* with staff wearing MATCHING APPAREL with ID / NAMETAGS;
* providing staff w/MONOGRAMMED CLOTHING;
* having staff ID themselves by name when answering the phone;
* providing DOOR TENDERS to open doors for arriving & departing guests;
* licensed as INSURANCE AGENT(S) & AGENCY after the major '87 IRS Tax Code Revision;
* to ARCHIVE & COMPUTERIZE (over 100 years of funeral records)!
* having easily accessible HANDICAPPED Parking & Facilities (yrs before ADA-mandated);
* to proudly erect a FLAGPOLE & display our US Flag;
* providing Clergy & Pallbearer Car(s); in addition to Family Cars; Limousine(s) & Flower Car(s).
* providing a modern LOUNGE complete w/microwave & mini-fridge for our families;
* to have a Website (since the mid 1990's) & the posting of obituaries online;
* to post obituaries online w/photos & the feature of viewing -or- signing the online guestbook;
* implement ceiling cosmetic lighting in our chapel(s);
* providing pallbearer boutonnieres: (via fresh flowers -or- appliques)
* stunning presentation of family photos during visitations;
* Dave Taylor being certified (1997) as a Dinair, "Air-Brush Cosmetologist" by taking personal training with Dina Ousely (founder), at her Beverly Hills, CA. studio.

Those are things we're proud WE introduced to Farmington. Things we DON'T do & WON'T do are:

* we REFUSE to allow salespeople to solicit over the phone -or- door-to-door trying to "sell" funerals. We want you to call upon us when YOU'RE ready to make prearrangements.... NOT when a commission-driven salesperson shows up on your doorstep & decides that's the time to make a sale! We've probably lost some business that way thru the years - but, we believe in treating our friends & neighbors with RESPECT as we'd want to be treated. We ARE big believers in Pre-Paid, Pre-Arranged Funerals..... they're great for the consumer & us ! But, WE WON'T run blind ads, time-after-time-after-time, deceptively recruiting salespeople to sell funerals. It's also very important to us that you make these decisions (when YOU'RE ready to) with a INFORMED, TRAINED & LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTOR - who'll be there to carry out your funeral wishes exactly as you desire.

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